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Time to get serious about managing your writing


Keep track of your writing

Track your work from concept to publication. Literarium will help you keep on top of those important writing tasks.

Don't let submissions languish

Easily identify work ready for submission, be reminded of outstanding submissions, and easily discover suitable markets and services to submit to.


Find Markets and Services

Search for markets and services with powerful filters, or update markets and services yourself.

Writing is your business

Every minute that you aren't digging through spreadsheets, emails, and old contracts is time you get back for writing.

Gain greater visibility over your writing projects

At any moment you might have several pieces that are awaiting submission responses, as well as projects at a conceptual stage, a few drafts waiting for attention, and queries for pitches. Literarium helps you home in on the tasks that need your attention right now and highlights pieces ready for publication.

  • Search for pieces by word count, genre, status and more. Easily find work ready for submitting or reprinting.
  • Track your writing tasks with Literarium and be reminded when deadlines are looming.

Discover new markets and services

Literarium will help you find suitable markets for your work, or help you source the best editing, proofreading, cover artists and other publishing services to suit your projects.

  • Search for markets and services by pay rates, availability, genres, word count, and much more.
  • Modify markets and services in our community managed directory.

Keep your work in circulation

It can take many submissions to make a sale. Every day you forget to follow up on an outstanding submission is a day your work could be sitting on another publisher’s desk.

  • Track your submissions with Literarium and be reminded to follow up when they've been out for too long.
  • Submission guidelines change over time. If you ever need to review the guidelines for a submission, Literarium will remember what they were when you submitted.


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